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hybrid willows in backyard- summertime

ten year old hybrid willows

The time has come to take down the rest of our messy hybrid willows.  Come Monday, they will be nothing but stumps.  We’ll have those ground out come springtime.

We were in no rush to deal with the last eight willows but after seeing the mess of switches they littered all over the neighbors’ yards after just a few good wind storms, we knew we would end up dealing with these sooner, rather than later. 

These cheap, fast growing trees make a mess and can cause severe damage to drain tiles and irrigation systems.  

The previous owner planted these as a privacy screen.  Since these have grown so tall, they are no longer serving that purpose.   Once these are gone I hope to never see them again.

I suspect we’ll get a better privacy screen from a nice slow growing, productive patch of blueberries and raspberries.  They won’t grow as quickly, but they also won’t be as destructive and messy.  Maybe we’ll plant a cherry tree or two back there, also. 

Time will tell.


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