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WS-1080 Sensors

WS-1080 as packaged

The Ambient Weather WS-1080 weather station has been operational and gathering data for several days now. So far I’ve been very pleased with the unit.

Living several miles north of Fort Wayne, we often have slightly different temperatures and weather conditions than those reported by the television stations and weather websites like weather.com or wunderground.com.

It’s nice to monitor the live telemetry and review the 24-hour highs/lows and graphs right from my Lazyboy.

Based on my limited use thus far, I’ve already taken a preference to viewing the data on the computer rather than navigating through the receiver’s touch screen display.

The software package that came with the unit is EasyWeather 6.1. This software does a nice job for basic monitoring.

In doing my product pre-purchase research I learned about Sandaysoft’s Cumulus, which has become my primary montoring application.

Cumulus is a free (donationware) application that enables computer based telemetry monitoring of a full range of data (click on the image for a larger view of the dashboard). It also provides a nice assortment of graphs including wind speed, outside temp, inside temp, pressure, rainfall rate (in/hr), wind direction, temp min-max-avg, humidity, rain today, and daily rain totals.

Cumulus Screenshot

Cumulus also provides an option to update a website with realtime data (via FTP). It even includes a template for the site, so you can get it up quickly.

Now that I’ve got the unit up and running it’s time to get it mounted in it’s permanant location- on the old Dish Network bracket mounted on the roof.


Amazon has a newer version, the Ambient Weather WS1090 Weather Station which as an atomic clock and data logging- It’s a great unit for the price!  Check it out HERE…
Sandaysoft- Cumulus Software (good stuff!)


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Ambient Weather WS-1080

After years of wanting one, today I finally ordered a ‘real’ home weather station.

I’ve had some small wireless La Cross indoor/outdoor thermometers for years, but they only monitor indoor/outdoor temperature and, the most recent one, indoor humidity.  A major disadvantage of these inexpensive transmitters was the inability to get an accurate reading when the sun would shine directly on the outdoor sensors.   They are also a bit limited in their range.

The weather station I just ordered is an Ambient Weather WS-1080 Wireless Home Weather Station w/ Data Logging.

It outputs to a  touch screen panel or to a computer for display and logging of in and outdoor temperature (with highs and lows), in and outdoor humidity (with highs and lows), rainfall  (1hr, 24hr, week, month, etc), windchill, dew point, wind direction (displayed on a compass), weather forecast arrows, alarms (including storm warnings), plus more.

One of the coolest parts is the ability to log the data on a PC.  I can also publish the data to a website or upload to a number of online community weather monitoring sites, if I so choose.

This seems like a pretty complete package for my needs and budget.  I ordered the Ambient Weather WS-1080, which includes the panel and the four sensors for $99US.  I also added an SRS100LX temperature and humidity radiation shield for an extra $39US.

Optional Solar Shield

This should provide me with a good base to learn about weather logging.  I can’t wait for it to arrive.

I ordered it from Ambient Weather.

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