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Today we received our first real snow accumulation of the season.  Nearly two inches, with more to come.

I really love snow and look forward to getting out and doing some hiking in it tomorrow, but that’s another post 🙂

This is a great time to assess the winter car survival kits and make sure everything is still in both vehicles.  This will also be a great time to confirm that the spare tires are both properly inflated in case of curb hits or flat tire.

For as long as I can remember, I have kept small ‘winter survival kits’ in the trunk of the car and cab of the truck.  These ‘kits’ consisted of the bare minimum for a Great Lakes region winter- heavy duty window scraper/snow brush, battery jumper cables, pair of leather gloves, wool army blanket, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, collapsible snow shovel, reflective belt (to be worn during roadside emergencies), shake-style flashlight, shop rags, can of sand, and umbrella.

Another important consideration that I’ll be doing this year (that I haven’t done in years past) is review the kits with my wife so she knows exactly what is and is not in the trunk.

I am, also, currently building some general purpose survival bags that contain fire building materials, cordage, simple tools, headlamps, cutting tools, etc. These will be part of the nested vehicle go-bags I’m working on.

These kits are being updated and expanded on a budget, so they will take time to fully develop.  I plan on creating a post with photos once these bags are fully stocked.


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Follow-up to yucca cordage video…

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I just posted the product review of the Leatherman Wave up on YouTube.

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