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NOTE- this post was originally published on my other blog, EnjoyTimeOutdoors.com, on 14November2010.


The third jigsaw puzzle for 2010 is complete! This brings the progress towards the 2010 goal to 3000 pieces.

2010 Puzzle 03

2010 Puzzle 03

This puzzle was started back in March and sat idle for most of the summer and early fall.

Thanks to Lisa’s continued efforts the puzzle slowly worked it’s way to completion. The final 100 pieces were finished today.

This was an inexpensive puzzle that had a consistent “two-out, two-in” pattern (click on photo for larger view). The lack of randomly shaped pieces made it very time consuming to assemble the ivy background areas.

To reach the 5000 piece goal by the end of the year I’ll need to complete roughly 44 pieces per day. Time to get busy on Puzzle 04, Caeco Puzzles’ Thomas Kinkade Nature’s Paradise Puzzle!

Puzzle4- Thomas Kinkade Nature's Paradise


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Thomas Kinkade- Nature's Paradise

Thomas Kinkade- Nature's Paradise

With Christmas and the new year quickly approaching we finally finished the fourth puzzle of 2010.

Though I’ll count this puzzle as 1000 of the 2010- 5000 piece goal, the completed puzzle consisted of only 999 pieces.  This was likely the result of kitty’s help.

The puzzle was Thomas Kinkade’s Nature’s Paradise.  A wonderful depiction of a rustic log cabin on a lake, with a backdrop of mountains and sunrise.   Another of Ceaco’s fine American made puzzles!

I’ve been very happy with Ceaco’s quality puzzles.  Their die cuts are very random and tight-fitting, unlike the inexpensive” kitty on pumpkin” puzzle that was 2010 Puzzle 03.

I’m only 1000 pieces and 12 days away from reaching my 2010 goal!  Puzzle 05 is a 500 piece “classic” puzzle I picked up a garage sale earlier this summer.  It looks like this puzzle is over 50-years old.  It is a great example of what looks to be a hand drawn die pattern.   I’m hoping to write the blog post about this puzzle REALLY soon!

Time to get busy!


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As I mentioned in my last post, one of my 2010 goals is to complete 5000 jigsaw puzzle pieces in 2010.

Last week my step daughter Lisa and I began working on a Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzle she gave me for Christmas.  Today we finished it.  It was the “Trump’s General Store ” puzzle from the “Joan Steiner’s Can You Find” series.

We estimate that it took about 20 man hours to complete.

Joan did a great job using over 150 real items to create the miniature scene.  Very clever!  Check out the link here for a better image of the puzzle.

This was a very fun puzzle to complete.  The pieces were small, there was a very good variety of shapes, and the fit and finish was very nice.   I am extremely pleased with the quality and value of this puzzle.

I was also happy to discover that Caeco  makes their puzzles in the USA.

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