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The survival and homestead library

This week the postman delivered the most recent addition to my Survival/ Preparedness/Homesteading library.  It’s a 1999 reprint of William S. Wicks’ book “Log Cabins and Cottages- How to Build and Furnish Them”.

My copy is a nice little fabric covered hard bound 1999 version.   The original was published in 1920.

The book covers some basic design variations, steps, and considerations that one would use to design a cabin or cottage.  Topics include location selections, foundation, walls, beams, siding, roof materials, fireplaces, etc.

It’s full of wonderful hand drawn illustrations that are more informative than useful.  The floorplans that corner some of the prints are very small and provide only a basic insight of the cabin’s layout.

I bought this book on Amazon, from a 3rd party bookstore.

With shipping, it cost less than $8.  In my opinion, it’s worth every penny.

Here’s a link  for the paperback copy at Amazon… Log Cabins and Cottages: How to Build and Furnish Them


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