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Return of the puzzle…

kitty puzzle

Kitty contemplates the next piece

With summer drifting into autumn the days are shorter, the nights cooler, and the pace of life seems a little more relaxed. This IS my favorite season!

After taking a break from puzzling for the summer, autumn reinvigorated my interest to complete the 5000 piece goal I set for this year.

Puzzle three, which was started in early March, sat idle while we went about our busy summer. It, like this blog, is idle no more!


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Cat Grass

Gunner's wheat patch


With all of the garden and landscape preparation that’s been going on around here lately I figured it was only fair that we plant something for kitty to enjoy. 

While at the local hardware store a few weeks ago I picked up some Livingston Seed Co. “Cat Grass”.  Come to find out, it’s just Triticum aestivum, also known as common wheat or bread wheat. 

Years ago, I grew oats for another long-haired cat I had. It seemed to help her pass fur balls.  With Gunner’s heavy spring brushing just around the corner I figured I would give this a try to see if it helps with the digestion of loose fur he swallows during grooming. 

After planting it, I kept it in the fridge germinator for about a week to let it grow about four inches tall before setting it out for him to enjoy. 

It took him a few days to realize that it was meant for him.  Once he figured that out he hasn’t looked back.

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Puzzle complete

On the surface it may appear that working on puzzles is just an old fashioned waste of time.   Much to my surprise I’ve found it to be an extremely relaxing  and thought provoking experience.

Living a life surrounded by technology and computers, I find myself longing for the low tech.  This has helped fuel my interest in primitive technologies (traditional woodworking, archery, bushcraft, puzzles, gardening, hand crafts, etc.)

Unlike watching television or surfing the web,  which for me usually ends up being a low value time-wasting activity, working on a puzzle  while listening to music, the latest episode of The Survival Podcast, or in complete silence, helps calm and relax my mind in a way that few indoor activities can.

As an added bonus, puzzles are very inexpensive, considering the hours of entertainment the bring.  Plus, when they are finished, they can be disassembled and given away or traded.

I do not make ‘new year’s resolutions’, per say, but I do maintain daily short and long term to-do/goal lists.   For the long term list, I’ve added the goal of assembling 5000 puzzle pieces before year’s end.

The new puzzle begins today.

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

In this fast-paced, technology driven world I’ve recently re-discovered the enjoyment of putting together jigsaw puzzles.

During a recent visit to Walmart, I picked up a couple of 1000 piece puzzles. What a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

I was pleased (and honestly surprised) to see that Buffalo Games manufactures their jigsaw puzzles in the USA! It’s amazing how rare it is becoming to find things still manufactured in the USA.

The green mat under the puzzle is the puzzle mat I use to roll up the puzzle when I’m done working on it for the day. This helps prevent my little helper kitty from messing with the pieces.

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