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Well, this post is a little late but…

 another 2010 goal  (5000 puzzle pieces) was achieved!

I started the vintage puzzle but couldn’t finish it due to my allergies kicking up.  I’m allergic to some cats and apparently the previous owner of that puzzle had such a cat.

The final 1000 pieces were completed using a couple of $1,  500-piece puzzles from Dollar General.

For cheap (price) puzzles, the die cuts were clean and accurate.  The images were clear and easy to follow.  They were well worth $1.

The 2010 puzzle count ended up being 5,100 pieces, thanks to a cute 100-piece puzzle Lisa got me for Christmas.

The 2011 goal has been set at 6,000, and thanks to Mike and Peg’s Christmas gift, it can be started any day now…


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Kim Norlien's "Beside Still Waters"

Kim Norlien's "Beside Still Waters"

Working towards the 2010 goal of 5000 puzzle pieces, puzzle two has been completed. 

As you can see in the photo, our kitty, Gunner, is exhausted after an afternoon of puzzling.  Actually, Lisa did the majority of this puzzle.

This puzzle is MasterPieces Puzzle Company’s “Besides Still Waters”, #70911.  A painting by Kim Norlien.  I purchased this puzzle at WalMart last year.  I think it was around $9.00US.

It is a 1000 piece panoramic that measures 39″x13″.  The image portrayed, a log cabin on a tranquil lake , backed by woods, is a personal dream of mine.  Someday that dream will become reality, but until then, 1000 piece puzzles will have to do.

The puzzle was more challenging to assemble because many of the brush strokes are very similar in color tones and mixed horizontal and vertical alignment.

While doing some research on masterpiecesinc.com, I noticed they have a 1000 pc. panoramic Grist Mill puzzle.  Grist Mills (in particular),  and non-electric technologies in general , are of great interest to me.  This will most likely be the next puzzle in the rotation.

Whichever puzzle ends up being puzzle 03, it probably won’t get started until late summer.

By the way, this is another fine product proudly Made in USA. 

I have no affiliation with MasterPieces Puzzle Co. or Kim Norlien.

More info on:

MasterPieces Puzzle Co.

Kim Norlien

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Looking forward to summer…

Having spent a lot of time in the great out-of doors, I was aware of the synergy that the web of life provides, but I never gave much thought about the inter-relations within the home landscape.  Jack Spirko, and his TSP podcast, helped enlighten me to principles of Permaculture.

I’ve been hooked on Permaculture research ever since.  From watching videos on YouTube, reading books and web forums, listening to Podcasts, and most recently watching distance learning college classes on iTunes U, I can’t learn enough quick enough.

This has totally up-ended my plans to expand our landscape.  I had some loose plans I wanted to accomplished this summer, but they are all on hold until I have a better understanding of what we already have.  There’s a lot of established landscaping here at the new homestead, but a lot is in semi-neglected or stressed state.

To help educate myself, I’m reading the following books-

Gaia’s Garden- A Guild to Home Scale Permaculture” by Toby Hemenway (a great book- I’m planning on posting a review when I’ve finished)


Permaculture- A Designer’s Manual” by Bill Mollison (I’m still paging through this monstrous hard bound book)

I purchased both of these books via Abebooks.com, for less than $100 delivered!  That might sound like a lot, but I’ve seen new copies of the Principles online for nearly $200.

I like Abebooks because you are often purchasing from smaller, independant bookshops.

Another great Permaculture resource is the iTunes U class “HS432- Introduction to Permaculture” from North Carolina State University.  This is the distance learning course taught by Will Hooker.  There are 36, one-hour long, videos in the series.  They are very informative and inspirational.  Will has really opened my mind to how complex, or simple, Permaculture can be.

This class isn’t the easiest to find.  You can find it is through the iTunes store- search for HS432.  It’s a free video series.  Google searches don’t seem to find it.

So much to learn, but it’s so much fun….

Do you have any suggestions for other Permaculture resources, etc?  Please post a comment letting me know.

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Posting topics in the works

Another of my 2010 goals is to publish at least one blog post each week.  This post is to serve as my motivator to keep up with my blogging.  

The original intention of “SPISBLOG’s Journal” was to chronicle things that sparked my interest, things I was doing or researching, and to share some of my knowledge and experience with anyone who might stumble upon my blog.

That said, here’s the short list of some forthcoming posts…

1.) Create the long overdue “About Me” for SPISBLOG

2.) A white pine tree propagation project I’m thinking about

3.) The winter windowsill garden (of sorts) I’ve recently started

4.) Low key food production in a suburban environment- (starting with herbs, expanding to greens)

5.) More posts about weatherproofing and energy conservation projects

6.) Review some new books (some actually ‘new’, others just new to my library)

7.) Some random product reviews

8.) Experiment with Quickpress

This should give me a good start from which to build upon.

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As I mentioned in my last post, one of my 2010 goals is to complete 5000 jigsaw puzzle pieces in 2010.

Last week my step daughter Lisa and I began working on a Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzle she gave me for Christmas.  Today we finished it.  It was the “Trump’s General Store ” puzzle from the “Joan Steiner’s Can You Find” series.

We estimate that it took about 20 man hours to complete.

Joan did a great job using over 150 real items to create the miniature scene.  Very clever!  Check out the link here for a better image of the puzzle.

This was a very fun puzzle to complete.  The pieces were small, there was a very good variety of shapes, and the fit and finish was very nice.   I am extremely pleased with the quality and value of this puzzle.

I was also happy to discover that Caeco  makes their puzzles in the USA.

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