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Fountain pens and HTML code- two topics that couldn’t be further from each other, but they have both been on my mind quite a bit lately.

Fountain Pens

A couple of months ago I returned to using a fountain pen as my primary writing instrument at work. I previously used a standard disposable ball point pen to take notes and keep task-lists throughout the workday until I rediscovered the comfort and ease of use that a fountain pen offers. The writing movements flow much more naturally than a ball point or felt tip pen and is considerably more comfortable in the hand.

I am currently using a new, Fine nib Sheaffer cartridge pen. I’ve been using the rather expensive Sheaffer refills which cost $6 for five cartridges. Today I picked up a 20 pack of Manuscript brand .75ml cartridges for $5. They are international cartridges, which are a bit smaller than the Schaefer cartridges, but are a much better value and based on my initial tests, work very well.

I have been looking for a nice desk pen to use at work and will likely pick up an old Esterbrook Eight-Ball style desk pen. This would enable me to refill the pen with ink and not use so many expensive cartridges. I would also like to replace my inexpensive Schaefer with a nice, well balanced quality fountain pen.

…and HTML code

This past week I’ve begun teaching myself HTML by using an old college textbook. So far, so good. I’m only a couple of chapters in, so the topics are rather basic, but as time goes on I will try to incorporate what I’m learning into my posts. This provides the knowledge and structure of a college level course without the course and technology fee or having to worry about tests and finals. The only thing missing is the college credit.


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