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One of the tasks that’s been on my home project list for while is the installation of some heat control window film. All of the windows in the house have Pella’s build-in solar blinds except the transom windows in our great room, the half-round in the loft and the basement daylight windows. On sunny days these few windows can really heat up the house.

We’ve considered blinds for the transom windows but felt that it would restrict too much light and wouldn’t look very good.

The solar film should fit our needs for privacy, sun-screen, solar reflection, reduced fading and winter heat loss.

The film we’ve chosen is Gila’s Platinum all-season heat control window film. The box states that it rejects 70% of the sun’s heat, low-e retains winter heat, blocks glare, and reduces fading. As a bonus, there’s a 2009 federal tax credit for window film.

Today I installed the film on all six of the basement windows. The install went quickly and the end result looks great! The rest of the windows will get their treatment tomorrow.


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Our new house has nearly two dozen can lights filled with 65w incandescent spot bulbs. While they are nice and bright, they seem to be an energy hog.

The test plan will be the replacement of the five incandescent bulbs in the kitchen- (5 @ 65w= 325wph replaced with 5 @ 14= 70wph). That will be an electricity savings of 79% per hour! My basic calculation anticipates a savings of 5-6 cents per hour, but over time that savings will really add up. If these work out, I’ll continue to replace rest of the bulbs.

In our last house I had installed regular curly bulb CF’s in all of the fixtures and it seemed to save us a lot of money. I don’t think the curly bulbs would look good in the cans in this house, so I purchased a six pack of 14w CF soft white spot bulbs (TCP Compact Fluorescent BR30) at Home Depot.

It may take a little time to adjust to the brighter/ whiter light, but I suspect they will work well in our application.

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