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With the spring cleanup of the landscape underway, I’ve realized that there is an abundance of good fire starting tinder all around.

The river birch out front drops a lot of small twigs all winter (actually year round).  It also provides an amble supply of loose birch bark which I can save for months worth of fires.

In the back, the white pine’s sappy pine cones, which dropped in the fall, are now open and dry.  In addition, there is an ample supply of small dry branches that were never pruned out.  While I’ll leave most of these in place to serve as an animal safe habitat, I can use some for kindling.  Some of the large twigs will work well for featherstick practice.

Thanks to the winter winds, there were strips of white birch bark scattered about the landscape.  While I wouldn’t remove any of the loose bark from these young trees, anything they naturally donate is much appreciated.

I’ve also saved the fluffy tops from the ornamental grasses I cut down a few weeks ago.  These wil provide a nice experiment to see how well they take a spark.

This past winter we lost one of our white pines.   I’m hoping that, since it died during the winter, most of the resin dropped to the stump.  If this is the case, there might be an opportunity to make some resin sticks from the stump.  The diameter of this tree is only between four or five inches, so I’m not sure if it’s big enough, but it’s worth a try.

However things work out with white pine, I should have plenty of tinder material to practice my fire starting  and bushcraft skills this spring and summer.  Fun times to come, right in my own backyard.


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I’ve recently stumbled upon another really cool podcast, Outdoors Aloud!  The podcast is available on iTunes or via the Woods Monkey website.

This is a relatively new podcast, with just eight published weekly episodes (at the time of this writing).

The podcast is hosted by Garrett Lucas of Woods Monkey.com and Adam Francis of Equip2Endure.com.

They have a great conversation style that has a very natural feel; covering a wide variety of outdoor, hiking, camping, bushcrafting, gear reviews, and just plain old entertaining conversation topics.

If you are interested in hiking, camping, bushcrafting, wilderness survival, or the great out of doors, you may want to check out an episode or two (or eight).

Do you have any podcast recommendations that fall within the same genre?


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Mora of Sweden- Clipper FP-840

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the mailbox today to find the package with my new Mora Clipper.

I finally have a Mora in my knife collection!  I’ve been thinking about adding a fixed-blade bushcrafting knife to my collection for months.  As a novice bushcrafter, my first choice could be none other than a Mora.

After making a few quick feathersticks I quickly understood why nearly everything I’ve heard or read about the Mora was positive.  This sub $12US carbon steel knife seems well worth the money. It feels extremely comfortable in the palm of my hand.

For months I’ve looked for one locally but was unable to find a retailer that carried them.

After watching the “DIY – Knife Bowdrill Handhold Mod” YouTube video from David Wendall of BushcraftOnFire, I decided to finally order one.

I did some basic research and ended up ordering it on eBay from power seller Amoscutlery.  Not only did they offer it for an excellent price, their checkout, packaging and shipping speed was all fantastic!

Based on this transaction, they will be one of the first places I shop for gear in the future.

I can’t wait to give the knife a good workout tomorrow.


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I posted the first in a series of Suburban Bushcrafting videos- Making Yucca Cordage, on YouTube today.

Here’s the link…

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