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I just posted a new blog post about the 2011 berry container garden on my other blog,  http://enjoytimeoutdoors.com .

High Hopes for the 2011 Berry Patch.


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Containers enjoying the sun- first day of spring

The Chippewa blueberry is setting buds nicely.   The two transplants are still showing no signs of life.  This concerns me, as I will need at least one of these plants to pollinate the Chippewa.

If the Chippewa was a two-year-old start I wouldn’t be too concerned, because I would not let it set fruit this year, but since it’s larger and being raised in a container, I’m going to give it a try this year.

To hedge the chance of pollination, I’ve added a new blueberry variety to the mix.  The new addition is a Duke.  I’m guessing it is a two-year old ,one gallon container.  This will be transplanted into a cedar container like the Raspberry and Chippewa.

I’m going to move the Blue Ray and Jersey containers to the germinator fridge, with the hopes of getting them going.  With some special attention, I should be able to get them an early start, if they did survive.

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