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While nearly every spot on the map should be able to be spawned by new players or settled as new villages, I was thinking that the remnants of deleted players’ villages should remain.

These would serve as ‘ghost towns’ that could be re-settled. This would give the new settler any remaining buildings/ infrastructure that was previously developed. Maybe they should be required to repopulate/ reestablish the warehouse and resource fields, or ‘repair’ the existing buildings.

I also thought about the ability to settle outposts and trading posts that could be located throughout the regions. These would be limited to non-military and very basic infrastructure development. Trade carts, iron/gold mines, lumber mills, etc. These can be left scattered about the map with player deletes, also.

What do you think about this idea?


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Game- Alliances, Confederacies

Alliances and confederacies should be more interactive and automated based on the rules of the alliance.

This automation should include the ability to set a production tax or transaction tariff on the alliance members. This would make it much easier for the alliance to collect revenue to build troops and alliance structures.

The tax would be on production and raid bounty and tariffs would be on trade profits (if applicable). This helps by benefiting the alliance as a whole without constant cash calls and push requests.

The general concept for alliances would be for it to exist independent of it’s members and to maintain it’s own coffers to build an alliance stronghold where the alliance can build offensive and defensive troops, etc. This can benefit the alliance members in many ways.

If the map is divided in regions, a regional alliance registry can list the alliances in that region. A confederacy between alliances in different regions can build a global presence, etc.

Regional confederacies can exist on their own (comprised of the member alliances officers) and can function as a regional entity that can protect and or try to control the region.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Game- Trade routes

Thinking about time and space and how in the real world a trade cart would take a long time to travel from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and the horses would need to be rested. They would likely not travel at a constant speed for the whole journey.

The initial theory of trade routes would be a negotiation between a trading village and another village within a given distance where a fresh team of horses rest. The cost for having the way-point would be either a cut of the load being carried or set price per load.

The trade route can be optional but offer an speed advantage. This would be advantageous to the person shipping the resources, as time is money.

On the same topic of trade carts- A trade deal should only use the cart from the provider of the merchandise. Their cart should send off with the goods and return with the new items.

A more complex option for a trade cart would be the ability to schedule daily shipments (for x number of days, or continuous). This could be beneficial for both trading parties without having to micro-manage the details every day. If you negotiate a good deal than you should be able to lock into a contract.

What are your thoughts of this topic?

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Game map

My initial idea for a game map would be 360×360 to represent the long/lat coordinates of earth. Spawns could be regional in hemispheres with relative technologies and climatic conditions to deal with.

This would allow for a total possible 165,600 spots on the map (though the vast majority would be unusable) for settlement/ spawn.

Each region (longitudinally) will have it’s advantages and disadvantages in climate, (growing seasons and products if this is later decided to be one of the factors in the game), weapons, travel speeds, etc.

I would prefer to have land, sea and ice regions that contain mountainous regions, dense woods, etc.

If seasons are used (based on some kind of accelerated calendar), certain water regions can turn to ice (which can be traveled over if the season is right) or around (when liquid).

This is a loose theory I am just now conceptualizing. What are your thoughts? Questions?

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