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Last night when I was checking out some of my old posts I was surprised at what I found.  Advertising!  

There are Google AdSense ads on many of them.  These ads are not placed, nor endorsed, by me.

I realize that this is a small price to pay for the two years of free hosting here at WordPress.com, and I am grateful, but I feel it’s time to move on to my own hosted domain, EnjoyTimeOutdoors.com.

Effective immediately I will be shifting my primary blog posting to EnjoyTimeOutdoors.

Subscriptions to this site will not auto-transfer to EnjoyTimeOutdoors.com.   If you wish to continue getting updates (or join the ETO community), please subscribe here.

This site will remain (as a secondary blog).

Thank you.


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Return of the puzzle…

kitty puzzle

Kitty contemplates the next piece

With summer drifting into autumn the days are shorter, the nights cooler, and the pace of life seems a little more relaxed. This IS my favorite season!

After taking a break from puzzling for the summer, autumn reinvigorated my interest to complete the 5000 piece goal I set for this year.

Puzzle three, which was started in early March, sat idle while we went about our busy summer. It, like this blog, is idle no more!

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